Terms and conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Agreement to Terms and Conditions)

  1. (Children’s Products) Rental application contracts are in effect the moment you apply for rental items on this site.

Article 2 (Customer's Rights)

  1. The customer may use the rented items from Young’s Toy Rent until the end of the rental period.

Article 3 (Rental, Shipping/Payment Collection)

  1. The customer is to pay the rental fee for the rental item, set by the company. Shipping cost is free, except in the event of delivery by courier, where customer is responsible for the one-way shipping fee.

  2. Rental fees and shipping costs are non-refundable, even if the rental item is returned in advance, before the lease term.

Article 4 (Obligations)

  1. If the customer would like to extend the lease term, the customer must notify the company one week before the return due date. If the customer does not contact the company, they will be liable for a late payment fee, determined by the company. (If the customer does not notify the company of a lease extension in advance, the lease extension may not be possible.)

  2. The customer must return the rental item from the first rental location, and the rental period should be set in anticipation of moving. If the customer moves before the return date of the rental item, the customer will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred when collecting the rental item.

Article 5 (Ownership)

  1. The rental items are owned by the Company and customers may not lease or transfer the items to another person.

Article 6 (Notification)

  1. The customer must notify the Company immediately, when using the rental in another area due to relocation. The customer shall be responsible for any additional expenses incurred when returning the rental item.

Article 7 (Cancellation of Contract)

  1. If the customer fills out an order form on this site and receives an order, the customer agrees to the terms of the rental agreement. The customer cannot cancel contract on the day of receipt of the goods ordered, unless there is an abnormality in the rental items.

Article 8 (Additional Terms)

  1. In the event of intentional damage or loss of a item, the customer is responsible for 70% of the listed price.

  2. Ownership of the rental item is transferred to the customer in the event of damage or loss.

  3. If the rental item is in use and the item is defective or cannot be used, the company has an obligation to replace the item without delay. (The company will extend the lease period for the number of days of delay, due to the exchange of the item). However, the customer is responsible for damages to items due to excessive weight (according to product’s specifications) or negligence.

Article 9

Other terms and disclaimers that are not specified in this Rental agreement shall be in accordance with the the contents of this website and detailed information for each item/product.

Article 10


In the event that any injuries occur while using a rental item, Young's Toy Rent is not liable.