About Us

Young's Toy Rent

Creativity, intelligence, language, and socialization are critical aspects of development in childhood. Young’s Toy Rent is a specialized rental company that follows a systematic and scientific approach, that aims to provide educational and fun children's’ products to help them learn and grow during the development phase.

Our Mission

In as little as a month, children can easily lose interest in their toys. Young's toy rent provides parents with an affordable and storage-saving solution by providing a diverse selection of high quality, educational toys for rent. Keep your child engaged without committing to a purchase every time they lose interest!

What makes Young’s Toy Rent different?

  1. We deliver our products directly to our customers.

  2. We follow a systematic and scientific program.

We offer hundreds of toys, sorted by areas of development, such as physical, social, linguistic, and creative development.

We strive to provide age appropriate products to help growth, cognitive development, and emotional development.

  1. We are fully committed to safety.

Safety is our top priority and we carefully select our products.

Our products are sanitized and maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.

How wide is our selection?

We offer hundreds of products, including popular and internationally recognized products. Young’s Toy Rent offers the newest and most popular products, as well as harder to find internationally recognized children’s product. All of our products are safe, risk-free, and non-hazardous for children.

Is it safe for children?

Safety is our top priority and our products are sanitized and maintained hygienically. Our products undergo a systematic and thorough sanitation process after each use to ensure cleanliness and are routinely inspected and repaired as necessary to ensure safety. All toys are cleaned with a safe, natural detergent.